Nea Regional Solid Waste
1810 Greene Rd 890 Paragould, Arkansas 72450


For the items you can't recycle, you may require landfill services. NEA Regional Solid Waste accepts all materials for the landfill, excluding hazardous waste or grass clippings. Conveniently located at 1810 Greene Rd 890, we service all of Greene, Clay, Randolph, & Lawrence County. For inquiries regarding our services, please call us directly at 870-239-5572.


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Every household has to get rid of some waste and trash. But there are probably things about landfills and solid waste that you didn't know!

  • About one-third of an average dump or landfill is comprised of packaging material.
  • Each year, a single person throws out an average of 1,200 pounds of organic waste that could be composted.
  • On average, for every $10 spent on buying products, $1 is for the packaging that gets thrown out. Packaging materials make up about 65% of an average household's trash!
  • The average cost of waste processing in the U.S. is about - $30 per ton to recycle, $50 to send it to a landfill, and between $60-$75 to incinerate it!

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NEA Regional Solid Waste is available to assist you with recycling and landfill services with the following hours of operation:

  • Monday 7:30a - 4:00p
  • Tuesday 7:30a - 4:00p
  • Wednesday 7:30a - 4:00p
  • Thursday 7:30a - 4:00p
  • Friday 7:30a - 4:00p
  • Saturday Closed
  • Sunday Closed