Did You Know?

Did you know there are laws around illegal dumping? For the state of Arkansas, there are strict laws in place surrounding the burning and disposal of trash. Anyone in violation of these laws can be issued a ticket by Police/Environmental Officer or fined by District.

Solid Waste Facts

  • According to Arkansas law it is illegal to burn anything, except your own yard waste that came from your yard.
  • It is Illegal to pile solid waste on the Ground in a pile, this is called Illegal dumping.
  • 90 to 95 percent of house hold waste can be recycled and is free of charge as long as it meets the dump regulations.
  • About one-third of an average dump or landfill is comprised of packaging material.
  • Each year, a single person throws out an average of 1,200 pounds of organic waste that could be composted.
  • On average, for every $10 spent on buying products, $1 is for the packaging that gets thrown out. Packaging materials make up about 65% of an average household's trash!
  • The average cost of waste processing in the U.S. is about - $30 per ton to recycle, $50 to send it to a landfill, and between $60-$75 to incinerate it!

NEA Waste Management

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