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All About Recycling

Recyclables are best if placed in a box, as we do not recycle plastic bags or garbage bags. Plastic bags can usually be taken back to the store and disposed of in their recycling containers. For example, Lowe’s (registered trademark) and Walmart (registered trademark) have recycling bins for some items. Please use the recycling container properly and placing items that are not allowed into the bins is classified as Illegal dumping; please help us by ensuring that you only place what is listed on the side.

See the table below for what items can be recycled, how to prepare them, and the items we cannot accept. If you have any questions, please contact us using the form on our contact page. Thank you.

Recycling Guidelines

Material What To Recycle Cleaning & Preparation What Cannot Be Recycled
Clear & Colored Glass Clear & colored bottles or jars Clean and remove food (labels are okay) No Ceramics, pottery, bulbs, mirrors, and automobile glass.
Aluminum Cans
Scrap Metal Cans and all metals Clean No Aerosol & paint cans
Plastic Bottles Milk, soda, detergent, etc. (labeled #1 & #2) Rinse No Pesticide & oil containers, no bags
Cardboard Corrugated only Bundled No Waxed cardboard, etc.
Chipboard Cereal boxes, soda, boxes, etc. Flatten & bundle No wet or contaminated
Household Appliances Refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, water heaters, freezers Take to recycling center (See our location) Remove all food from refrigerators and freezers
Waste Motor Oil & Auto Batteries Motor oil, hydraulic fluid, diesel fuel, transmission fluid No water or antifreeze mixed in with oils. No leaves or other debris Take to recycling center (see our location)
Newsprint Everything with newspaper Securely bundled or in paper or plastic bag No wet paper or dirty paper, No Glossy, shiny Magazines
Office/Home Waste Paper or Computer Paper office paper, shredded paper box all except shredded paper, Bag Shredded Paper No Carbon paper, No Wax, No Glossy, No Shiny Paper
Electronics Monitors, comuters, keyboards, laptops, mice, telephones, and anything with a circuit board or a cord Take electronics to the recycling center or place in bin if small enough Anything that has wood on it or wet

Where To Recycle

Recycling Drop Off Locations

Clay County:

1. Corning - 268 SW 2nd St, Corning AR 72422 behind Police Station GPS 36.409519, -90.580046

2. 161 E Pfeiffer St, Piggott, AR 72454 behind Community Center GPS 36.375651, -90.191553

3. 1215 W 13th St, Rector, AR 72461 City Shop, GPS 36.255212, -90.293262

Greene County:

1. Marmaduke - 149 Industrial Avenue, Marmaduke, AR 72443, GPS 36.186474, -90.382977

2. Paragould - 305 Airport Rd Paragould, AR 72450, GPS 36.063764, -90.512120

Lawrence County:

1. Hoxie - 314 SW Cotter St, Hoxie, AR 72433, GPS 36.049775, -90.978462

2. Walnut Ridge - 2131 US-67 BUS, Walnut Ridge, AR 72476, GPS 36.084140, -90.958758

Randolph County:

1. Pocahontas - 145 Landfill Rd, Pocahontas, AR 72455 GPS 36.272151, -91.003396

2. Randolph County Transfer Station - 145 Landfill Rd, Pocahontas, AR 72455 GPS 36.272151, -91.003396

Recycling Tips

Please Read  

All recyclables must be cleaned! If your recyclables won't fit in the large recycling containers, please bring them to the recycling center.

 Please bundle all newspaper and cardboard separately for processing. Plastic bottles must have the recycling symbol #1 or #2 on the bottom. 

 Any separation of recyclables you can do would be greatly appreciated but is not required for acceptance. We do not accept anything that is not listed in our acceptable materials table or in our pictures below.  There is a flyer you can download and pass out above in the link above that explains it all.  If in doubt DON'T put it in the bin.  All of the items are easily recognized as recycling for our district.  Our hope is that we don't have to sort and throw items away, and expand to other recyclable products later.

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