Nea Regional Solid Waste
1810 Greene Rd 890 Paragould, Arkansas 72450


Please see the table below for what items can be recycled, how to prepare them, and the items we cannot accept. If you have any questions, please contact us using the form on our contact page.

Thank you.

aluminum recycling

Material What To Recycle Cleaning & Preparation What Cannot Be Recycled
Clear & Colored Glass Clear & colored bottles or jars Clean and remove lids and food (labels are okay) Ceramics, pottery, bulbs, mirrors, and automobile glass.
Aluminum Cans, foil, radiators, window frames Rinse
Scrap Metal Cans and all metals Clean Aerosol & paint cans
Plastic Bottles And Bags Milk, soda, detergent, etc. (labeled #1 & #2) Walmart bags, grocery bags, & packaging wrap Rinse & remove lids Pesticide & oil containers, styrofoam, black trash bags
Cardboard Corrugated only Bundled Waxed cardboard, etc.
Chipboard Cereal boxes, soda, boxes, etc. Flatten & bundle No wet or contaminated
Household Appliances Refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, water heaters, freezers Take to recycling center (See our location) Remove all food from refrigerators and freezers
Waste Motor Oil & Auto Batteries Motor oil, hydraulic fluid, diesel fuel, transmission fluid, cooking oil No water or antifreeze mixed in with oils. No leaves or other debris Take to recycling center (see our location)
Newsprint Everything with newspaper Securely bundled or in paper or plastic bag No wet paper or dirty paper
Office/Home Waste Paper or Computer Paper School and office paper, junk mail Securely bag (paper or plastic). Separate from other materials Carbon paper
Books, Magazines, Catalogs Anything with glue, staples, or binding Securely bag Nothing wet
Electronics Monitors, towers, desktops, keyboards, laptops, mice, telephones, and anything with a circuit board Take electronics to the recycling center or place in bin if small enough Anything that has wood on it or wet

recycling glass


Clay County:

1. Corning - Central Elementary School - West 4th Street

2. Piggott - Country Mart Parking Lot - East Main Street

3. Rector - City Shop - 13th & S Main Streets

Greene County:

1. Marmaduke - Fire Department Parking Lot - 104 South 1st Street

2. Paragould - A. Next to rail-road tracks on Court Street. B. Sanitation Dept. On Airport RD

Lawrence County:

1. Walnut Ridge - Next To Fire Dept. at 218 East Main Street

2. Hoxie - City Park - SouthWest Gibson Street.

Randolph County:

1. Pocahontas - City Shop on Cedar St. Between Cain and Marr Street

2. Transfer Sta. - 145 Landfill Road, Pocahontas